Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 release date: Will launch a day before iPhone 8, along with Mi Note 3

While most fans will be looking forward to Apple and Google for their own events to mark the arrival of their newest devices, up and coming competitors are also gearing up to show their best devices and Xiaomi is hot on their tail, with the coming of the company’s new segment-defining Mi Mix 2 smartphone.

The Mi Mix 2 will be announced in China next week on September 11, which will be a day ahead of Apple’s own unveiling of the iPhone 8. Xiaomi will be looking to take the thunder from Apple in releasing an impressive device with powerful features, but while the Mix 2 will not be the most sought-after phone like the iPhone 8 will be, it can still rival Apple in terms of the technology and the performance that it houses.

If the Mi Mix was any indication, Xiaomi will fill the Mix 2 to the brim with the latest processors and hardware and a screen that will be near-bezel-less. A new teaser video showing the phone quite obscurely does not leave viewers with a hint of what the phone may actually look like since it is a fast-moving clip. All that the teaser shows is the announcement for Xiaomi’s event.

According to report, Mi Mix 2 will have a separate event being conducted by Xiaomi and will also feature the release of another phone – the Mi Note 3. This news appeared on the Chinese social media website Weibo earlier today and will be held in at Beijing. As far as the Mix 2 is concerned, it will come in two variants – one with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB ROM, while the second variant will come with 6GB of RAM and 128GB or ROM.

The last Mi Mix was expensive and we are not expecting this time to be any different. There is a chance that the price tag could be more expensive at launch than the original Mix was at launch. The phone is speculated to feature a 19MP rear camera with a 13MP front-facing one. It will also feature a Snapdragon 835 processor and a 6-inch display. This will make the Mix 2’s hardware superior to its mid-ranged spec predecessor.

With regard to the Mi Note 3, it will be a larger variant of the Mi 6 with new camera features. We might also get to see a new dual camera setup. The phone is also said to come in a blue color variant with gold sides and like the Mi Mi 2, will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with a Super AMOLED screen from Samsung. This makes the Mi Note 3 one of the most powerful smartphones from Xiaomi along with the Mi 2 and depending upon the price at launch, could overtake the many other flagship options this year as an alternate buying option.