Windows Movie Maker gets a new upgrade to Windows Story Remix

Microsoft has been hard at work finishing the packaging of their latest Creator’s update for Windows 10 – the Fall Creator’s Update. And what the company lacks in naming its next update edition, makes up well for the number of new features that have been added. One in particular is a new app that allows users to create professional looking videos from the comfort of their personal computer.

The new app in question is the Story Remix, that is said to add CG effects, titles and soundtracks to users’ personal videos. The application will do this through the magic machine learning and Microsoft’s Graph which will let users take shared content from their friends and colleagues. Through AI, the app will be able to recognize the clip playing and appropriately place the special effects integration as well as title placement and music.

The app could well be another iteration of Google’s Photo Assistant app which offered similar features as well for mobiles. The app will also be able to pull 3D content from Paint 3D and will also allow users to customise their videos through Window Ink that will let them draw upon the video. The Verge reports that a special feature similar to what is found on Snapchat and Instagram will also exist, where people will be able to pin objects to someone or something as it moves. Even the music implemented in the videos will be from the Microsoft’s Groove music app.

There is not much of a learning curve to adopt when it comes to using the app itself. To start with, all the user will need to do is to just hand over the specified photos and videos needed for the application to work with. Once the app starts building the video, it will first analyse the scenes of each of the contents and if there is more than one person, then the user can decide who should be the star of the video. Another cool feature that the app has is that if multiple people take their own videos of the same place, then the app will be able to recognize the pattern and accordingly build the video. The app will tag the people who are connected to the video and will make it easier for people to search through specifically.

While the app will be the stand-out feature of the update, it has yet to be seen whether the same expectations will be met in the real-world testing. We will get to know, come September.