Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update: 5 features to expect

Microsoft’s next big update is on its way and it will arrive in the Fall. Aptly called the Fall Creator’s Update, there are quite a few features expected to hit the operating system. While there will be quite a number of new improvements noticed on the back-end, Windows is expected to look a little more different than users would be used to. Here are a few of the features that we expect to see when the update finally arrives.

1) Developer Support
There will be exclusive developer support through a brand-new range of virtual reality headsets, allowing for new methods of adapting new mediums on the VR platform. Considering that Microsoft is highly invested in the realm of mixed reality, this would make it easy to create graphical elements that may not need advanced GPUs. The company has not divulged much else regarding this feature so far.

2) Creative and Convenient
There will now be a way for users to access their favourite contacts through the task bar menu – an update that was originally meant for the first Creator’s Update, but will be pushed to the Fall Creator’s Update instead. Microsoft is also adding a new creative app that will allow users to create custom stories through videos and images, combining transitions as well as soundtracks for some special montages.

3) Timeline and Pick Up Where You Left Off
Timeline offers an improved working space around the task view that will show a list of apps that were previously used on different devices, so that users will only need to resume those sessions from the previously used devices. The Pick Up Where You Left Off feature will allow users to carry out using the same app across multiple devices interchangeably. There will also be a new clipboard feature that will allow users to copy and paste certain elements across different devices through a universal clipboard.

4) OneDrive On-Demand
Microsoft is making their Cloud servers all the more accessible, allowing users to fetch their data without needing to sync with their devices or download whole folders, saving time, data and space.

5) Fluent Design
The new design scheme of Windows will be a change of direction from the Metro styling that users were used to. The design scheme was previously codenamed Project Neon and is reported to have a completely different design language throughout Windows 10. From the promotional video released so far, the interface looks chic and promising.