Twitter Offers Hardware Security Key To Protect Mobile Users

Twitter mobile users will now have the option for the added security of a hardware security key to protect their accounts from hackers on their mobile device.

twitter security update

Hardware security keys for desktop users were available as far back as 2018, but due to Twitter’s recent decision to utilize the WebAuthn security protocol they are happy to announce they will also be able to offer the same level of hardware security for mobile users.

This might not seem all that important for the average user tweeting what they ate for breakfast, but social influencers, celebrities, political figures and other users who are in the limelight have been prime targets for hackers. Now they will be able to add much stronger level of protection for their account when logging in from a mobile device, making it that much more difficult for hackers to attack.

hardware security key

For those who have not used a hardware security key before, it is a small device that can easily fit on a keychain and is required to be inserted into the device when logging in, making your account much more secure. Other forms of 2-step authentication such as SMS codes are a good feature but still more vulnerable to hackers than a hardware security key.