Here are the top 5 iOS Apps of 2017

As is always the case with Apple this time of the year, the company has announced its line-up of the best apps and games on the iPhone and iPad. Just like Google’s own Paly Store list, the App Store from Apple has also had similar hits in the games and apps sections, with Apple-only apps taking centre-stage for this list, very few apps have managed to make it to cross-platform. Here are our picks of the top five apps on the App Store for iOS


Calm is a popular meditation and sleeping app. The app has been getting a lot of attention lately, and is known for its simple exercises and soothing interface to allow for a stress free and calm environment for users of the iPhone. The app features some helpful meditation techniques for various situation and topics that can match any lifestyle.

Affinity Photo

For the iPad, the platform’s ever-popular Affinity Photo was named app of the year. This tool has been highly regarded as an alternative for even Photoshop, with many fans of the app saying that it is even better than the popular desktop photo editing application. The app is especially good as it takes advantage of the core functions of the A-series chips within the new iPads, making it one of the more powerful editing tools for a mobile platform.
Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters for iPhone has been awarded as the game of the year. The popular puzzle game involves users to divide and to rearrange elements in the game itself to guide the ever-wandering critters back to their mothership. It also has exclusive AR levels that are interactive and fun to play too. The game is as simple as it is extremely addictive.

Instapaper takes out all the guesswork from social networks, emails and other information banks to neatly organize and present in a simple to digest format. The app is optimized to provide an easy reading experience for those who do not like to be crowded with too many information channels. Users can also save web pages and other links for offline usage.

This is hands down, and potentially the most secure end-to-end encryption messenger app. The app ensures that no one can monitor the messages being sent or received. While other apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger do store data and usage information, Signal stores absolutely nothing. This because the app exists because of donations and grants and does not profit from anything else.