SteelSeries and Evil Geniuses team up for new gaming mouse, keyboard

E-sports has come a long way in the past few years, as many teams started establishing themselves and have become the elite of the elite in the gaming network. Today, one such popular team called Evil Geniuses, has partnered with SteelSeries to create their own brand of e-sports gaming peripherals.

The mechanical gaming keyboard which utilises Cherry MX Red keys

The range of peripherals includes an Arctic headset, with an Arctic headband, as well as an Evil Geniuses Rival 300 mouse, a QCK+ mouse pad, as well as an Apex M500 keyboard that comes with Cherry MX Red keys, which means they can be customized and replaced by users. SteelSeries has worked closely with pro gamers and have promised the best in quality for their new line-up, which has been tested by the team and other gaming enthusiasts around the world.

Special Edition Evil Geniuses Rival 300 Mouse

For starters, the mouse is a Rival 300 with special Evil Geniuses branding and is supposedly designed to be used specifically for the e-sports crowd. The optical sensor is a high-end Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor that has up to six different programmable buttons and should last for more than at least 30 million clicks. It’s got RGB lighting and also has the endorsement of the pro-gamer Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg, one of the members of Evil Geniuses. The mouse does not look all that great, but should be worth mentioning that it is made for a very niche, performance-oriented crowd. So, the devil is in the details.

Special Edition Evil Geniuses Apex M500 Keyboard

According to Digital Trends, the keyboard was co-designed with the Evil Geniuses e-sports team and comes with anti-ghosting technology and is fully compatible with the SteelSeries engine. It promises super-fast double taps on its mechanical configuration and Cherry MX Red switches. The keyboard’s switches are also backlit with RGB lighting and are also probably programmable for drawing light onto different zones of the keyboard.

QcK Evil Geniuses Edition Mouse Pad

This is not just any normal mouse-pad. It offers 4mm of thickness with a non-slip rubber base and frictionless surface for superior tracking. It is made for long-term use and for long gaming sessions at a time. It is wide and allow for free movement of the mouse. Good for when players need to scope around with a sniper.

Evil Geniuses is currently the best e-sports team in the world and they have partnered with SteelSeries for years now. It was only a matter of time until the company would have decided to make their own merchandise. They are all limited-edition pieces, so buyers should consider now to the ripest time to buy this tech.