September patch will fix webcams affected by Windows 10 update

The Windows 10 Anniversary, after having been hyped for the past few months, is encountering problems with the webcam of PCs. And it’s happening to all users who has installed the update.

Windows 10 anniversary update disables millions of connected webcams.

Windows 10 anniversary update disables millions of connected webcams.

Now the new Anniversary update for Windows 10 brings in a ton of nifty features to make the OS seem a lot more responsive. But the engineers behind the update may have just forgotten to patch the webcam functionality, since many users have complained that their webcams have stopped working ever since.

But why did this happen? Well, along with Microsoft’s update, they also updated the encoding that USB cameras should be using and that’s what made everyone’s webcams freeze. But a fix for the issue is expected to arrive in September via an update. And although many forums and users suggest other ways to fix this problem for those using Skype, it’s better to just let Microsoft patch it when September comes.

The Anniversary update made windows a lot more intuitive, enabling a number of touch-based features as well as the welcome addition of Edge Browser extension. But it just goes to show that not all updates are bug-free and that the OS is still a work-in-progress.

After opening its Windows Insider feature to allow users to try out new releases first, it’s a surprise not many people had spoken up about the issue during the Beta tests. As for the OS improvements go, Windows has miles to go and many bugs to squash, before it sleeps.