Say hello to HackBook Elite, laptop with Mac OS and HP body

Here is a laptop that offers all the functionalities of a MacBook, but isn’t a Mac. While the software runs entirely on Mac OS, the hardware has no bearing to Apple.

The HackBook Elite is a fully functioning Mac OS X laptop that is being sold for one-third the price of a Mac. At just $329, it’s not only a steal, but also offers the regular functionality of a MacBook. The specifications are just as good as any of the entry-level MacBooks which one can find, except for the hardware, which differs slightly. Of course the HackBook won’t come with a Retina display.

For the limited pre-order batch, HacBook Elite starts at $329.

For the limited pre-order batch, HacBook Elite starts at $329.

The company behind it has also promised upgradeable performance, which should be a big deal because buyers would want it to last for quite some time. As for the specifications, the HackBook Elite will feature an Intel i5 sandy bridge CPU, which will be of the older generation of Intel chips and will support up to 8 GB RAM.

The display will be a sharp-looking 1600×900 14” HD monitor with up to 1 TB of storage space. That should be enough to satiate anyone’s need for a MacOS laptop. The best part about all this is the 1 TB storage which is almost unheard of in a MacBook. And at a price like that, it’s going to come in very handy for those wanting to get a head start on the market – especially entrepreneurs wanting to use reliable systems for their start-up workspace.

But there are tons of gray areas surrounding this particular product. One is, Apple will never allow another company to apply its software onto other hardware. And moreover, the company is using refurbished cases of an HP EliteBook Pro Book that is ‘like-new’. So construction and stability on this system could be an issue since they’re using some pretty old externals. At this point no one is fully sure that the company can actually be allowed to sell Mac OS on non-Apple machine, without being actually sanctioned for use.

But it is an interesting concept and will get users by and large waiting to get their hands on one of these. But do not expect the particular piece of technology to last very long. It could come under major scrutiny once it begins to gather traction.

Currently, the company is collecting emails to gauge exactly how well the reception is for HackBook Elite. Once they have reached a certain threshold of responses, the will begin assembling and selling these products.

This is almost like buying one of those cheap Korean iPhone lookalikes than the real iPhone!