Samsung unveils a high-tech vacuum cleaner, POWERbot VR7000

Samsung’s vacuum cleaners are a thing of beauty. They’re smart and clean up spaces with minimal supervision. This CES 2017, the company is unveiling the latest vacuum cleaners in its line-up – the VR7000.

samsung-vacuum-cleaner-powerbot-vr7000These units will feature powerful suction and a slim design. They’re also just less than 4 inches tall and they’re 28 percent slimmer than their previous generation. Users demand a more thorough cleaning automated systems and Samsung plans on meeting the demand with its impressive supply. Generally, automated cleaners would just clean simpler surfaces and users would have to then go manually and clean the harder to reach spots.

This design enables the vacuum cleaner to reach within a ½ inch of wall space and with its 11-inch brush placed on the front of the device, it’ll be able to brush in and gather all the dust and hair that’s been accumulated. It further has an automatic bristle cleaning feature that funnels dust caught within the bristles into the dustbin, reducing maintenance quite a bit.

But that’s not all. It’s so smart, that it’s got Visual Mapping Plus and a FullView Sensor 2.0 which can map out the surface as well as remember contours easily inside a room so that it can provide a thorough cleaning. It’s also got an Intelligent Power Control feature which automatically regulates the level of suction power depending on the surface it’s vacuuming on. It’s also IoT ready, so for those who are into the internet of things can even control the vacuum cleaner through a nifty app. It’s also compatible with Amazon Echo and can be controlled through voice commands.

For those expecting guests at home and aren’t at home yet to clean up, the vacuum cleaner can be commanded remotely to clean the house in the meantime. Coming home to clean floor is a pretty good feeling. With home appliances getting smarter, we’re almost as close to a future of living as the Jetsons are.

Next on our wish list would be Samsung’s iteration of Rosie the Robot Maid, please and thank you very much. That would be a dream come true.