Samsung U Flex: Bendable Bluetooth headsets that support Bixby

In order to adapt to the new trend of smartphones ditching their headphones, many headphone manufacturers have tried to make their Bluetooth headset offerings more user-friendly and adaptable. Samsung, who does have some experience in the Bluetooth headset segment, just dropped a new kind of wireless headset called the U Flex that can supposedly be bent to the user’s convenience.

The U Flex headphones from Samsung come in a bendable design and are light-weight. The headphones can be bent up to 100 degrees so that they may be stored in small places like the user’s pockets. The headphones are also designed to be retain their shape once they are bent but it is not clear whether the headphones will break if bent beyond the 100-degree mark. The headphones feature a round-the-neck design, which has not usually been known to be the most portable form of Bluetooth headsets around, but with the convenience of the U Flex, it could provide a different dynamic to the user-experience through the flexible neck band.

Further, the headset will consist of buttons to increase or decrease the volume, a power button, a charging port, a play/pause button and a dedicated button for activating a specific app, which could either be Bixby, S Voice, the Voice Recorder and other applications. The earphone casings have 11mm woofers and 8mm tweeters that claim to offer powerful bass, deep mids and clear highs. The headset features the Scalable Codec technology that will take into account the Wi-Fi signal interference and filter it out to improve the audio quality through Bluetooth. This feature however, will only be available for Android phones running Android Nougat 7.0 and above.

Headset is also nano-coated for protection against splashes. The headset is not completely water-resistant however. Samsung has also declared that the headset will be able to function to up to 10-hours on a single charge. The headset will be available in three colors – Black, Blue and Ivory. The highly -flexible form-factor is the true USP of the device, but that still is not better than other solutions that offer completely wireless technology, such as the Apple AirPods that can be separated completely and charged within their case.

Nevertheless, the fact that Samsung is making more strides towards the Bluetooth headset segment, only means that the company is looking to have an array of wireless products readily available for when it introduces more devices that do not feature a headphone jack as well. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced by Samsung yet.