Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Leaked features, expected price and release date

After tragedy struck Samsung in the form of Galaxy Note 7, it looks like they’re back with something bigger, better and of course, safer – the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 7 certainly wasn’t the hottest handset on the market. Samsung isn’t particularly proud of the Note 7 which they later recalled. But they’re also not one to yield to such debacles which is why Samsung seems to have taken the Galaxy Note 8 as a matter of reputation. Here’s all there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at this point.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a dual-camera onboard and considering that the Note 7’s camera came with optical image stabilization, the Note 8 is also expected to feature it. If the rumour-mill is right, then the Note 8 flaunts a 6.4” screen and is one of the few high-end phones to break the 6” screen mark. Although it’s nothing to brag about, the Note 8 will also reportedly have a 4K display which, hopefully, would not take a toll on the 4600mAh battery. With Samsung standing over the release of latest of the Gear VR series which reportedly has higher resolutions, it makes sense to roll out the Note 8 with 4K so they can launch the VR headset later this year.

The Note 8 will also, most probably, run on Android Nougat 7.0 and will be powered by a 6GB RAM and a minimum internal storage of 64GB. Samsung’s new Bixby AI is also expected to jump into the scene. Rumour has it, Bixby will be able to make payments through voice commands and recognize whatever object the camera points at.

Expected price and release date
Considering the Note 7 was priced at £749, and that Samsung’s competitors, Apple, Oneplus, and Microsoft, all hiked the prices owing to the falling pound value, the Note 8 is also expected to come with a high price tag.

As to the release date, Samsung’s history of releasing flagship phones by the last quarter of the year is expected to follow this year too.