Samsung confirms the Galaxy S9 won’t be released as soon as we expect

We finally have some confirmation as to what Samsung’s plans for launching the Samsung Galaxy S9 may be. There were initial rumours speculating when the phone would release, which would either be at CES in January or the month after at MWC. But Samsung has provided confirmation that we might not see it as early as we were hoping.

Samsung did clear the matter and offered a statement saying that it will be “unlikely” for the phone to be released at CES. This means that we can either expect the phone to release at MWC or have its own dedicated Unpacked event sometime in March. The Galaxy S8 duo was launched in March of 2017 as well, so it won’t be surprising if the new flagships are launched around the same time.

While The Verge has also confirmed the report, the way that Samsung’s response goes, it seems unlikely that they have made up their mind as to when the phones will be released. The company could also be undecided as to when they want to release the phone. The statement’s language is questionable as it does not provide any certain decision of the company to release it after CES, but it does not mean that they might release it then after all.

What we can almost say for certain at least, is that the phones will feature the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset that was just released a few days ago. Samsung has long since had a tradition of going with the latest flagship Qualcomm processor for its premium smartphones for the US market. IT would seem unlikely for the S9 to come with the Snapdragon 835 again, as the processor is nearly a year old now. While an Exynos global variant of the S9 isn’t certain just yet, the Snapdragon 845 chipset’s existence more than confirms that the S9 will feature it.

There are also other speculative reports that we may see a concept of the Galaxy X foldable smartphone at CES, which would not necessarily a finalized version. The Galaxy X has been teased numerous times by fans and the company as well, and as the company has been making curved displays the norm for their latest smartphones, it should be ready to take the leap to making completely foldable handsets in the future.

Nevertheless, the S9 is eventually going to make it to the market, but exactly when is still up to debate.