Rumour: Galaxy S9 to feature the newly released Snapdragon 845 chip and 512GB of storage

The rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its larger S9+ flagship have been running stronger in the recent weeks, and the latest offers some speculative, but possible hints at the phone’s specifications, although not entirely reliable. The new Samsung flagship is expected for a release next month at CES, although it is unconfirmed.

We can either expect the phone to be launched at CES or at MWC next year, which will both happen before the usual time-frame for Samsung’s regular flagship releases. The latest leak of the phone comes in the form of a spec sheet. An image of the sheet was leaked online that showed what we have come to expect of the newest Samsung flagship. The sheet shows that the phone will come with a screen of 5.77-inches. It will also come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supposedly, which was only just announced by Qualcomm. The sheet does not mention anything about an Exynos processor however. All the other features are the usual suspects, such a LTE Wi-Fi and GPS. Interestingly, there is a date shown on the corner of the sheet, which mentions January – a possible release date.

On the other hand, the Snapdragon 845 chipset was just unveiled by Qualcomm in Hawaii and will be providing better performance and image rendering features compared to its predecessor. The 845 should offer better connectivity for faster LTE and better mobile signal strength. The changes over the 835 won’t be as revolutionary, but have considerable improvements in other aspects that 835 missed out on. This makes the chip a guarantee on the upcoming S9 as its release date suggests that it could be picked by Samsung to power its newest flagship.

Forbes has uncovered that Samsung will most likely receive the chips first, considering its partnership with Qualcomm. Further, there is the instance of Samsung having announced its first 512GB internal storage module. This new module will be faster as well, being built on the eUFS package with read and write speeds as much as 860MB/s and 255MB/s respectively. We could likely see Samsung’s S9 be the first smartphone with this storage module. Coupling that with Samsung’s offering of a MicroSD card, the possibilities are endless. Samsung has also a number of other releases to be made next year such as the Galaxy X which is hotly rumoured to come with a foldable screen and the also rumoured Galaxy S9 Mini. The S9 may just be a stepping stone towards some more innovative products that we might see from the company in the next year.