Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S9 to feature redesigned back and new fingerprint scanner

The iPhone X has set the benchmark for a true bezelless display design and as more Android manufacturers aim to adopt the same aesthetic, the primary challenge that they will face is trying to figure out where to place the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone X has skipped that part altogether for facial recognition. And since Samsung is next in line to introduce the next big smartphone next year, speculation is rife as to how the company will implement its fingerprint sensor within the display itself.

One of the initial ideas was to create a notch below the screen like the iPhone X did with its upper portion of screen real estate. While Samsung has been rumored to have resorted to that option, it seems that the feasibility of such a decision was deemed doubtful by Samsung. The company will most likely be keeping its fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen itself, but only for the Note 9 and not for the next Galaxy SO since it would be risky to introduce new tech that may or may not work as advertised. The next Galaxy flagship is slated for a release sometime in February, so it seems unlikely that the company would be able to confidently implement the embedded fingerprint scanner this soon.

According to WCCF Tech, Samsung will be making a big design change on the rear of the phone, which indicates either a dual camera unit this time around, or a more convenient placement for the fingerprint sensor or both. Based on a patent filing by Samsung, it is possible that the company would place a small depression on the screen for the fingerprint sensor, but that would again compromise the screen real estate and may warp the way the screen is viewed. One possibility that Samsung could come up with instead, is to be place the fingerprint reader on the side like the Xperia line up, along with the power button, which would solve the problem.

None of these rumors and speculations are confirmed, however, so they should all be taken with a pinch of salt, though the Xperia method sounds like the most practical route. Nevertheless, Samsung never disappoints with its releases, so we can expect some clever innovation to take place. Hopefully it doesn’t happen at the cost of the headphone jack.