Refurbished Note 7 will be called the Note ‘Fan Edition’, to launch by end of June

While it was confirmed news that Samsung would be rebooting its Note 7 line with an albeit lesser capacity battery, availability and the pricing of the refurbished Note 7, dubbed the “Note FE” has now been revealed.

While the original renaming of the phone would have been the Note 7R, a news source from South Korea had confirmed that it will instead be named the Note FE, which denounced the number altogether. And Samsung has a good reason why they would want to rename the phone that, since FE supposedly stands for “Fandom Edition”, probably owing to the hardcore fans of the Note series that would eventually wait long enough to embrace the Note series again. This also helps in deviating any doubts prevailing regarding the phone’s reputation, with the company looking to avoid the initiative from blowing up in their faces, figuratively of course.

Samsung does seem confident enough to ship 300,000 of the new Note FEs to the Korean market as they see a strong demand for the phone. South Korea will most likely see the phone being launched sometime during the end of the June.

The Note FE will be a highly sought after device by fans of the Note series line-up. Owing to the cost of the phone now being less than a fraction of what it originally used to be, the phone will be pitted against a lot of flagships being released this June as well, including the OnePlus 5. The specifications of the Note FE will remain indifferent from the Note 7, with the only exception being that the company has now fitted a smaller 3,200mAh battery as opposed to a 3,500mAh in the original. In doing so, Samsung is confident that there will be no reason for people to be scared of the phone blowing up anymore.

According to reports, the phone will be available for a price equivalent to $425 compared to the original Note 7’s price tag of $850. Unfortunately, the phone will not be on US shores and is instead going to be released in the South Korean market. Hopefully, the phone should make its way to other South Pacific Asian and European markets in the months to come. The Note 7 will now be one of the most value-oriented phones on offer in the market, and if it goes well, Samsung may well deploy a similar costing device in its Note line-up that will bar along the same price-range as the FE in the coming years.

From being one of the most expensive handsets to now being one of the best performing budget handsets, the Note FE’s legacy will be one to remember.