Razer’s new Cynosa Chroma and Cynosa Chroma Pro are a gamer’s dream RGB keyboards

For fans of Razer, knowing that the company is more into making accessories as much as it is into making gaming systems is a given. The company’s latest accessories to hit the shelves are a pair of entry-level keyboards fitted with the company’s signature Chroma backlit LEDs and should be a delightful offering for gamers and computer users alike.

The two new entry-level keyboards bear the names Cynosa Chroma and Cynosa Chroma Pro. They both come with individually lit back-lit keyboards with RGV membrane as well as a spill-proof design. Both keyboards offer soft cushioned gaming keys, 10 key roll-overs with anti-ghosting, a special gaming mode option as well as 1000Hz Ultrapolling for greater accuracy. The only difference that the two keyboards have is in their backlighting combinations as the Pro version offers 24 different customization zones

The keyboards come with the company’s Razer Synapse 3 software that allows the keyboard to be adjusted for different lighting effects through a cloud-based configurator. This is so that users can create their own parameters and profiles and can also be accessed from any computer. This will be the company’s first keyboards to feature the updated software and users who are picky about their key binds and macros will appreciate the extra level of adjustment that is possible. With 16.8 million colours that are capable of being emitted thanks to Chroma, there are near limitless impossibilities for the combinations that users can configure. There are already set profiles for games such as Overwatch, Quake Champions, Diablo and much more.

This is the first time that Razer has offered an under-glow effect that illuminates the area under the keyboard to the user’s desk, offering a distinct ambience to the user’s workspace. The two keyboards are priced at $60 for the standard keyboard and $80 for the Pro variant. Considering Razer’s reputation in the gaming industry and its positioning as a peripherals manufacturer, there is no doubt that the company will be giving its competitors a run for their worth. For a high-quality gaming oriented laptop that is water-resistant and offers multiple colour-coordinated settings, the new Cynosa Chroma keyboards are a neat addition to an already rich collection of Razer’s ever-growing list of accessories for computers.

Both keyboards are for now available in the US, but hopefully, should make their way overseas, owing to how much hype surrounds the brand internationally as well. Razer’s growing popularity is imminent, as the company’s upcoming smartphone is also building the curiosity of many fans the world over. Unfortunately, the company is not as accessible to those living outside the US, and hopefully, the company’s expansion towards the smartphone division will increase its availability.