OnePlus 5T to cost the same as the OnePlus 5, won’t come with wireless charging

The OnePlus 5T launch is a week away and we already know that it will look a lot like the Oppo R11s. Rumours are rife about the device regarding its features, with price being the most talked about. The company’s CEO already confirmed that the price will be below $600 but whether it will be cheaper or expensive than the out-going model was not fully confirmed until just recently.

O2, who has been a long-standing partner with the brand, has said that the OnePlus 5T will share the same price tag as the OnePlus 5. Currently, 02 in the UK offers the phone at 500 Pounds for a 128GB OnePlus 5. For comparison, the phone’s price on the OppoMart’s listing has also shown to be the same as the OnePlus 5. A supposedly leaked image has also been doing the rounds on the internet, which shows the body of the Oppo R11s with the branding of the back featuring the OnePlus logo. The rendering may not be true, but it is the most convincing image depicting what the new phone may eventually look like.

The OnePlus 5T’s US price may also be the same as the OnePlus 5, which means the 5T would retail for $479 for the 64GB variant as $539$ for the 128GB variant. If the OnePlus 5 still sells when the 5T is released, the 5 will most likely get a price cut, being a very appealing offer for those look for the same specifications as the 5T, in a cheaper variant. But it seems unlikely that OnePlus will entertain the idea of two phones with the same specifications as each other to be sold side by side. The company will officially unveil the device in New York on November 16 and go on sale on November 21. Until then, we will have to speculate on exactly how much one of the most value-based offerings in the smartphone segment will cost.

We might expect very little improvements and changes apart from the inclusion of a new screen. The new phone will not have wireless charging as well, unlike the more expensive competitors who use it, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X. The CEO of OnePlus did state two reasons for the conscious decision of omitting wireless charging from the new OnePlus 5T, with one being that wired solutions to the phone’s charging capabilities are more reliable than wireless and with the company’s proprietary Dash charging tech, the 5T should have no trouble being charged faster, while still keeping the phone cool. He did also mention that the company will adopt wireless technology when the time is right, but not just yet.