Official: Galaxy Note 8 to be unveiled on August 23

The date has been set for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, since Samsung have already released the invites for the release of the highly-anticipated device for August 23. Now, the company has released a video to further hype the release of the phone in the coming days.

Samsung had posted a video on the company’s official YouTube channel that offered a teaser of the upcoming smartphone. In the teaser, a number of words appear, such as “leap”, “innovate”, and “bigger” and then finishes with the silhouette of the phone as seen in the original invitation. While the video does not provide any look of the phone, it does make sure to remind the viewers what is in store for when the device actually does come out.

Some reports have confirmed that the phone will officially be available in South Korea in September 15. This will most probably be after a pre-order period that will last for a couple of weeks. It has been previously reported that pre-orders for the phone will go live from September 1 and will be available in carrier stores from August 25. While this may not be confirmed just yet, the rumors do fall in line with the release date of the phone. Official confirmation will only arrive during the launch event. As far as the pricing of the device is concerned, the phone will cost no less than $1,000.

The Note 8 will be challenging the LG V30 and the Apple iPhone 8 when it comes out. There are a host of premium features that the phone will come with such as dual-rear cameras, an 18.5:9 screen aspect ratio, hybrid memory card and dual-SIM capability, 6.4-inch screen. The phone is also said to receive an European launch as well, which will be well received since the Note 5 and the Note 7 had their own release problems in the continent. The company has been pushing their hashtag #DoWhatYouCant. With just a little over a week left for the launch of the smartphone, the verdict will be announced over whether Samsung will be able to redeem itself from last year’s mishap that was the Note 7.

Samsung is setting the stage of the Note 8 launch to become one of the most anticipated of the year. Whether it will live up to the hype is still up for debate until the actual release.