Why the next MacBook Pro is going to be the best MacBook yet

A new MacBook is in the works, according to rumour mills. And if the following rumours are to be true, the features that are expected to come packed with it are going to blow people’s minds.

Features to expect in the next MacBook Pro.

Features to expect in the next MacBook Pro.

Ooh la la OLED!
Remember the LG V10 smartphone with the OLED strip just above the main screen? Well expect something very similar to the new MacBook Pro that’s going to replace the generic row of function keys. Because it’s going to be an OLED strip, it could change its look depending on the application that’s currently open.

If implemented, this strip could bring to light (metaphorically), newer ways of multi-tasking and basic functions.

Ramped up security, courtesy of Touch ID
The iPhones have flourished because of their Touch ID feature, making it easier to access one’s phone without the hassle of typing in a password – and this feature could well be coming to the next MacBook Pro!

Sources speculate that it could be embedded into the trackpad or even on the power button. Anyway, it’s about time companies started equipping their laptops with fingerprint recognition technology – it’s just a no-brainer for today’s times.

Less thick, more quick
Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper upgrade if the laptop wasn’t at least a little thinner than its predecessors right? Well the rumours indicate that it will be thin, have shallower curves on the edges and have a slightly wider trackpad.

As long as they can fit the best hardware in that thin frame, there won’t be any complaints.

USB Type – C all the way!
Getting with the times, the next rumour has it that USB Type – C is going to be the standard for ports. Just like the regular USBs but only fancier; you can insert the cable any particular way into the port. It might not be a big deal for some, but it’s a relevant change that’s going to be happening in the future of tech devices.

Shiny new chips
Intel released some amazing chips since the last iteration of the MacBook Pro. And it’s only fair that the new one embraces the latest and greatest of Intel’s offering – Skyline. And if the rumours are to be believed, Apple just might add AMD’s Polaris GPU that should be good for battery and performance, so fingers crossed.

And if there are doubts on the price, there needn’t be any rumours floating about that, because it is surely going to cost an arm and a leg!