New Nikon D850 full frame DSLR leaks, may come with 8K time lapse

Nikon is celebrating 100 years in the industry this year and to mark the special occasion, the company is creating a brand new full-frame DSLR that redefine the kind of flagship performance that photographers will be used to experiencing.

The D850 will be the new camera on the block, surpassing its predecessor, the D810. The D810 was already a performer and in the three years of its on-going legacy, can provide superior dynamic range, a highly detailed sensor with full resolution and is arguably the best full frame DSLR on the market right now. Nikon has somehow managed to even top that, with the D850, offering improvements and new features such as better autofocus, metering, shooting speed and video capture in order to keep the competition on its toes. With new offerings from Canon and Sony both providing more features and better improvements in their own respective line-ups as well, Nikon will look to secure its place as still having one of the best full-frame cameras in the market.

PetaPixel was able to get its hands on some leaked images of the D850 camera, which Nikon has proclaimed will exceed all expectations. So far, the company has only released a teaser image showing the front of the camera partially, which looks just like any other Nikon camera. The images show quite a few differences from the cameras predecessor. Most notably, it seems like the flash module has been either removed completely or kept hidden.

In other leaked pictures that show the camera in different angles, it can be seen that the DSLR will have a tilt screen as well as backlighting of the buttons. There will be redesign physical interface that will be a departure from what Nikon is used to producing. The D850 will come with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, joystick for navigation as well as a differently located ISO button

The Nikon D850 is expected to cost well over $3,000. With Canon pushing to make more compact cameras and reducing the form factor while at the same time retaining the breadth of features that Canon is known for, Nikon has gone the other way in terms of offering a plethora of new features and subtle design changes. One of the primary features that the D850 will feature is the 8K time lapse recording option, which will mean that the camera will boast a higher resolution than its predecessor, most probably.