New iPhone 8 Plus ad “Portraits of Her” shows off new Portrait Lighting features

While the popular opinion over the iPhone 8 phones have now been out, the general perception of the two phones are considered to be just a stop-gap to the iPhone X, which will be the main phone that people will be waiting for. While in reality, the iPhone 8 phones are arguably the best phones of the year right now in terms of performance and power, they are still outdated in their design. Apple is still continuing promotions for the iPhone 8 Plus and its advanced photography tech to remind buyers of the unique offerings that the second-best iPhone is capable of.

The new ad appeared over the weekend and highlighted the iPhone 8 Plus’s Portrait Lighting mode. Based on the company’s official website, Portrait Lightning mode has been the result of numerous hours of research and analysis into the “art and science of portraiture”. The mode is meant to allow for users to apply appealing shadow effects, spotlight effects and much more.

As reported by The Verge, the ad by Apple shows a singer walking towards the camera and while the scene goes on, the lighting effects of the scene continuously change as per the different lighting modes available on the iPhone 8 Plus. The various pre-sets on show are Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono.

While these pre-sets are still under beta stage and in real-world situations do show that there are certain discrepancies that still occur. These are, however, minor to the eye and do not take away from the special effect. The cameras on the new iPhones have been touted to be unsurpassed, not only in image quality, but also in video as they are able to take 4K videos at 60 frames per second and slow-motion videos at 240 frames per second; feats that even professional video cameras are not capable of.

The ad is called “Portraits of Her”. It features singer Shannon Wise from the band The Shacks, singing “The Strange Effect”. With this ad, Apple is also reminding buyers that there is also no other offering in the market offering similar portrait features such as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. While the ad does show the portrait effects happening in real-time in the video, it should be noted that they are only available while capturing photos and not video.