New HP Spectre 13 laptop offers 8th gen Intel CPUs and 4K display

HP’s Spectre line of laptops has been successful, performing in the performance and design departments since the model’s inception. Being a part of the premium segment of laptops, HP usually does not compromise on the power-package. This time around, HP’s Spectre 13 has received an impressive notch in power and design, being the company’s best ultra-portable package to date.

The new HP Spectre 13 is only 10.4mm thin. This year, the device will be narrower and shallower with slimmer bezels on all sides of the display, which is also touch-screen enabled. This time around, HP has also been kind enough to offer a 4K variant of the display as well – something that the 2016 variant did not offer. The company claims that the display on the new Spectre is the world’s thinnest touchscreen on a laptop.

Spectre also comes in a new color option called Ceramic White and adds luxurious appeal to the laptop. The top and the inside of the laptop feature aluminium. And while the surface of the laptop has been treated with a white coating to make it look ceramic, there is no actual ceramic on the laptop. There are also gold accents along the edges of the laptop. HP has taken certain design liberties to make the Spectre 13 exude sophistication and elegance.

Trusted Reviews points out the most important change of the laptop – its new processors, which are now fitted with new 8th gen Intel Core processors. HP has taken in feedback from customers and improved on areas such as battery, noise and heat dissipation. Considering that HP has made a tall claim in a market when there are MiBooks, ZenBooks and MateBooks, not all can share the same feat that their laptops can run with a maximum clockspeed of 4GHz. The laptop will come with up to 16GB of energy efficient LPDRR3 memory and super-fast NVMe based SSDs that will extend from 256GB to 1TB of storage.

HP has also improved on the cooling of the system to reduce the fan noise. The company has also added speakers that output 66 percent more volume than last time and claims that sound quality will be consistent on any frequency. Battery is now rated at 11.5 hours on a single charge. Better yet, the laptop can offer 50% of the capacity in just half an hour’s worth of charge.

The Spectre 13 will start at a price of $1,300 and will be available for pre-order starting now, with shipping commencing on October 29.