New GorillaPod line-up now includes support for smartphones and GoPros

The GorillaPod tripod was a revolution in the camera world, offering stabilization of a traditional tripod from any surface. The flexible tripod has received good reception so far, with many third-party duplicates also copying the design. Now, the company behind the original GorillaPod has come up with a new line.

According to a report from Digital Trends, the latest GorillaPods will be made for GoPros, cameras, mirrorless cameras, smartphones and DSLRs. This time around, the new GorillaPods will feature a slightly different build, being equipped with a new stainless steel ballhead. This will allow the camera to tilt up to 90-degrees, making it possible to expand the shooting positions. The company says that the new tripod will make it easier for FaceTiming, live-shooting and for selfies as well. In the social networking era, that will make a big difference, especially for content-creators. Almost every other feature since the product was launched in 2006 is still intact.

The new GorillaPod 5K as it is called, will be especially effective for time lapse videos as well, owing to the better use of materials now being used. This allows for the tripod to handle even heavier systems. It can hold up to 11 pounds on its own, which is what cameras with added equipment often weigh. It now features a pan knob as well as a bullhead knob that will allow the photographer to easily manoeuvre the camera’s movements. Compared to the older GorillaPod, the only hassle that users will have will be with the more rigid adjusting of the setup as the metal parts and the rubber are hard to stiff. But those parts are the main reason why the tripod can hold such a heavy load.

The company’s press release states that there will be around 13 different variants of the new GorillaPod tripod, each with different materials and different sizes unique to their usage for carrying different amounts of weight. The entire line will be available starting in October and will start from $15 for the smallest options while the 5K line costs $120 and the stand will cost $70 inclusive of the ballhead. While the ballheads being sold separately from the tripods, buyers will have to carefully choose their combo for a perfect GorillaPod experience. Needless to say, all kinds of mounts and cameras will be compatible with the product line, making the brand the most flexible camera tripod accessory on the market.