New Google Pixel 2 phones will feature always-on displays thanks to AMOLED technology

The new Pixel phones are just a few months away from launch and while anticipation has increased in the last few weeks, a few features which have been speculated upon may have just been confirmed if recent reports are to be believed.

A leaked render of the upcoming device.

As was reported earlier, the phones will be made by LG and HTC and as such, may not feature the same design language as the first two Pixels did, which may be concerning for some as design consistency is what defines the future successors of smartphones in this day and age. The smaller of the duo will be made HTC while the XL variant is said to be made by LG. One of the latest new features to be added to the handset will be the always-on display, which XDA Developers had found while rummaging through the Android O Developer Preview 3 code.

The next big feature that the phone will come with are the new LG-supplied displays which are said to be flexible. On a design-node, the “two-parts” design that the first Pixel phones were known for, will again make a comeback this time around too, meaning that the phone’s back could feature both glass and metal back-plates. How different the two variants will be different from the originals is yet to be seen, however.

Elaborating more on the always-on display, Value Walk have surmised that owing to the LG displays which are AMOLED displays, this feature will make a lot more sense to be integrated onto the phone. This means that Google will be taking full advantage of its new OLED screens this time around and while the feature is currently being said to be in the trial mode and has not received finalization so far, it seems likely that the new Pixel phones will come with the new always-on mode. The current developer build of Android O does not allow for developers to take advantage of the software’s ambient display properties just yet, probably because the version of Android is not yet final.

A few new concept designs have also emerged online of the Pixel 2 XL that show a very Nexus 6P inspired design that borrows from the Pixel’s original design. The concept does look like a reality that Google might want to invest in when it comes to the form of smartphone.