New Google app seeks help with translation and image transcription

Google has always been a company that has pushed innovation. And now it is inviting users to further improve the services.

Google's Crowdsource app seeks help with translation and text transcription.

Google’s Crowdsource app seeks help with translation and image transcription.

The search giant has released a new app ‘Crowdsource’ seeking help with translation, image transcription and handwriting recognition.

“Do quick, simple tasks that have a huge impact – like improve the quality of Google Translate in your language, or of Google Maps in your country,” states the description for the app on the Google Play store.

“Each microtask takes no more than 5-10 seconds, so knock away a few the next time you find yourself with a few moments to kill – be it while waiting in line at the grocery store or on the train ride home. Everytime you use it, you know that you’ve made the internet a better place for your community.”

Google confirmed to TechCrunch that the app is a pilot project and does not offer any kind of incentive.

On installing the app, users will be asked to input the languages they are fluent in. Based on the responses, the app will then recommend or direct the user to a task. It could be translations, image transcription or even maps translation.

Crowdsource is currently only available for Android devices.