New Apple iPhone launch: What to expect and how to watch it live

Apple is holding their fall press event today in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic auditorium. And with all the rumors and speculation that abounds the tech circles this year, this one is going to be a doozy. All the talk around what we will hear about today will culminate in Apple announcing upgrades to a few of its products and software. Here’s what you can expect from today’s event and how you can follow the happenings of today’s event in real time.

What to expect
New iPhones are a given. And even though, to the disappointment of many fans, we won’t see a redesign like we have seen in previous number change years, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will add in a lot of new components and features. With new colors (Space Black to replace Space Grey and an additional glossy Piano Black), better water resistance, removal of antenna lines from the back, a dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, faster processor, more RAM, larger battery, higher storage tiers, a 3D Touch enabled clickless home button and the much talked about removal of the 100 year old headphone jack, Apple will try to make up for the lack of the aforementioned visual overhaul to keep us satiated till the next year, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, when Apple is expected to implement a massive redesign.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is speculated to launch the iPhone 7 at Apple Keynote event scheduled on Wednesday in San Francisco

Apple CEO Tim Cook is speculated to launch the iPhone 7 at Apple Keynote event scheduled on Wednesday in San Francisco

We’ll see new Apple Watches too. And these too, like the new iPhones, won’t sport a redesign. Apple is expected to iron out the flaws that the first generation Apple Watch had by including a faster processor, bigger battery, a GPS sensor and a barometer in a frame which might be slightly thinner than the first-gen model. And of course, as with every Apple Watch related announcement, new watchbands (the fall line) should make their debut today, hopefully with new materials and fashion-brand partnerships in tow.

Also, with a shiny new product comes shiny new software. Apple showcased the latest versions of software for all its platforms (iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS) at WWDC and is expected to re-demo the final, more polished versions of these today with additional features that were added during the development cycle and maybe, some features designed specifically for the new hardware (like the 3D Touch interactions from iOS 9 and iPhone 6s).

And though there are other products in Apple’s lineup due for upgrades, we shouldn’t be seeing new Macs, iPads and Apple TVs today. Apple will probably focus on the new iPhones and Apple Watches today and schedule a separate event in the next couple of months to highlight the big changes for its other products.

Where to watch
Like it has been doing for the last few years, Apple will be streaming today’s event live on their website. You can stream the event on Apple’s site here. If you prefer reading, you could check out technology-focussed websites that will be running live-blogs covering the event.