Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2 can record in 1080p video with wired and wireless modes as well

While Netgear has long been known for its networking products, the company has been making great strides with its new camera department. The Arlo series of cameras for home security has been growing over the past year since its introduction and now, the company has introduced a new version of its popular Arlo Pro camera.

The Arlo Pro will be succeeded by the Arlo Pro 2, which is currently on sale and will be a little more expensive than the first-generation Arlo Pro. For the added cost, buyers will get the goodness of Full HD video along with a few more capabilities included, which involves better wired flexibility. Netgear has made these improvements possible all while preserving the same aesthetic and build. At closer inspection, the two iterations of the Arlo share the same likeness.

Along with 1080p output, the new Arlo Pro 2 can also shoot at 130-degree wide angle view. While the previous generation Arlo Pro did come with a sensor capable of shooting at 1080p, the company wanted to down-size on the quality in order to reduce the heat emitting from the camera.

The new Arlo Pro 2’s housing is also weather proof and comes with a rechargeable sealed battery which will be able to power the camera for up to six months. The camera also comes with two-way audio, motion detection and infrared night vision as well. An added perk for buyers of the Arlo Pro 2, is that it is compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick as well, making it possible for users to watch a live feed of the recording on the television.

Netgear brings wired capabilities into the Arlo Pro 2’s arsenal as well, now offering traditional surveillance capabilities for those who want continuous video recording, by subscribing to the company’s CVR cloud storage plan. This feature also serves another new addition of the Arlo Pro 2, which is Look Back. Look Back offers three seconds of pre-recorded footage that is triggered when the camera detects motion. Like its predecessor, the Pro 2 will also require a base station for continuous battery life and recording. The station features 100-plus siren as well as local USB storage.

As far as pricing goes, the new Arlo Pro 2 will sell for $219.99. Netgear is also offering a solar charger that should keep the device charged indefinitely for the price of $80. The company’s subscription plans range from $99 to $299 a year for 24/7 recordings from the camera.