Moto Mods include a 360-degree camera module, a GamePad and a battery pack

Motorola’s Z range has proven to be success, with this year’s new Moto Z2 following in the footsteps of its predecessor. Modular phones, although having been an experiment in trial and error for other companies like LG, Lenovo-owned Motorola was able to turn that luck around with a smarter way of providing modular function thanks to special cases that are called Moto Mods. This year, the company has released a few more Mods for their Z-range with one being particularly useful.

Motorola has developed a new 360-degree camera made for all the models in the Z-range and will allow for users to use their phone a full-fledged 360 camera for taking wide videos and photos. While Motorola did unveil the module in Ghana in a press event, the new 360-degree camera module was first leaked by the serial leakster Evan Blasse, who posted a new photo on his Twitter that showed the module in all its glory. The case’s most primary distinguishable feature is the protruding dual camera on the top. However, there is no information regarding the pricing and the availability of the module by Motorola.

The cameras on the module will be fish-eye camera sensors. It has also been speculated that Essential will be featuring its own 360-degree camera module for the Essential phone, and the two modules will be sure to bump heads when they are officially available internationally.

Apart from the 360-degree camera, there are other new Mods also released by the company, such as the new Moto TurboPower Pack that comes with its own 3,490mAh battery that will add onto the phone’s existing battery capacity to provide more battery life. The module is also quick at charging and can charge the phone to 50% in just 20 minutes. One of the more prominent Mods from last year was the JBL SoundBoost and this year, the SoundBoost 2 has come to the fore, maintaining the same function as last year’s module, but this time around, the speakers immediately start playing music when they snap to the phone. The speaker module also comes with its own battery pack so it does not drain out the phone’s battery. It can playback music for up to 10 hours.

For the gamers, Motorola has also released a Module called the Moto GamePad. It is essentially a physical gamepad that can snap onto the phone that provide the perfect ergonomics for gamers to game on their mobile. The GamePad also has its own 1035mAh battery pack to add a little extra juice to the user’s game sessions. For the more eloquent and stylish cases, the new Moto Style Shell cases offer wireless charging and come in a variety of stylish designs from Wood, floral painting and even Herringbone Nylon. They serve more for the purpose of being just cases, and are not as bulky as the other cases mentioned here.