Moto M2 to be released this October, will come in 4GB and 6GB RAM variants

The Moto M, launched last year is now going to make a comeback to the market in the form of a brand new, more-improved version in the form of the Moto M2. The second-generation of the handset is said to be released in India sometime later in the year, aimed at the budget mid-range segment.

Picture of Moto M that was released in 2016

The leaksterAndri Yatim was the one to reveal the arrival of the Moto M2 smartphone, stating that it will be released on October of this year. The phone is also said to come with a higher storage capacity along with RAM when compared to last year’s model. According to the leak, the new Moto M2 will feature a 5.5-inch Full HD display at 1080p resolution and will be powered by a MediaTek processor. There will be variants of the phone released – a 4GB RAM with 32GB of internal storage variant and another variant that will come with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

Moto M2 will supposedly come with a more capable MediaTek processor that we are used to seeing as the leak did suggest that the phone would come with “cutting edge MediaTek processors”. Based on the release date, it falls in line with its predecessor’s release date, which fell on November 2016. The good news also confirmed, is that the new Moto M2 will be available to more markets this time around, making it more accessible to buyers around the world as the original did do quite well in terms of sales, which first started in China and then moved to other countries gradually.

The leak was availed thanks to a listing on the popular benchmarking tool GeekBench, which showed that the phone would come with a deca-core Helio X20 processor, which confirms that kind of cutting edge power that the initial rumors spoke about. But that processor will be on one of the variants while the other processor to be used is the Helio P20. Fortunately, as is always the case with Motorola, the new phones will be powered by the latest Android software – Nougat 7.1. Apart from these extra specifications, we can expect the same features as last year’s Moto M to also be present in its successor such as Dolby Atmos music support, a stellar camera and dual-SIM support. What’s more, the phone will also come in the budget territory, making it a great option and one that might even be able to content with the more premium mid-range offerings.