Mophie’s new battery pack cases for the Galaxy Note 8 will bring out the handset’s full potential

Like it does with all the latest smartphone releases, Mophie has again released some new cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The new accessory by Mophie aims to address one of the biggest issues with the phone – its battery life. With the new case, Mophie will have fulfilled the wishes of many fans, while adding quite some bulk to the Samsung flagship.

The popular smartphone accessories manufacturer has come out with its new Juice Pack case for the Note 8 that protects the phone from impacts. The case also comes with its own battery pack to add to the 3,200mAh battery on the Note 8, with an additional 2,950mAh battery. This will give the Note 8 up to 33 hours of extra battery backup or 36 hours of extra talk time. Not only will the case be able to deliver battery backup to the phone, but it will also be able to support wireless charging as well. This way, the case and the phone will be charged together. The wireless charger will first charge the device and when it is charged fully, the case will charge itself.

Apart from the Juice Pack, there is also the Mophie Charge Force Case which adds powerful magnets in accessories which support it, such as the Charge Force Powerstation Mini which is a small battery pack that can be fixed to the back of the case through the use of magnets. The case will also work with existing charging accessories such as the Vent Mount for cars, Desk Mount and Wireless Charging Base. The Charge Force Case itself does not have its own battery pack but instead has a leather coating and will be used as the medium for applying the existing Charge Force battery packs and accessories.

The Juice Pack will be the more expensive of the two cases, costing $100. The Charge Force Case comes with a price tag of $50. Both cases offer pass through wireless charging capabilities by themselves and will be available for sale from the company’s website. Buyers will have to be aware though, since the Juice Pack is already out of stock.

As it is, the Note 8’s battery, despite being quite low compared to the S8+, is still decent in terms of range and battery life, capable of lasting the whole day. With the new Mophie Juice Pack case, users will be able to get the best possible battery life they will ever have with the Note 8, so long as they don’t mind the extra girth.