The Marshall Monitor Bluetooth is a new spin on an old favourite

Marshall’s Monitor headphones have been hailed as being one of the best pieces of over the ear headphones ever, promising studio quality sound with impressive noise cancellation abilities. Now, the company is adding another great new feature to the pair of headsets – wireless technology.

The new Monitor Bluetooth is completely the same as its predecessor, featuring the iconic styling with dark vinyl, attractive aluminium build as well as space from some brass accents. The quality of sound is touted to be as natural as can be, with very little artificial boosting to bass and treble.

Engadget claims that the 40mm drivers on the piece are custom-tuned ensure that the fit can tune out background noise and keep the music in focus. There is no noise cancellation whatsoever. What assists the headset in keeping with its predecessor’s footing is the fact that the Monitor Bluetooth comes with Bluetooth AptX that improves sound quality as well as has a decent range of 30 feet between the user and the device.

The headset also has built-in remote controls in the form of a neat-looking brass knob for playing and pausing music as well as volume adjustment. The knob can also be used for accepting and ending calls. The company is promising up to 30 hours of music playback, which should be plenty. For charging, the headphones use a micro-USB hole rather than the current standard USB Type-C.

Of course, the headset can also be used as a wired ear-piece when the need arises with the inclusion of 3.5mm cable. The headphones can also be folded to be used when travelling and are generally light on the ears for those who go through long listening hours. The headphones will cost buyers dearly for now, with a price of $249; $50 more than its predecessor. If buyers feel a little intimidated by that, there are other offerings by the company that fall below the $50 mark as well. They might not be as unprecedented, but they are still quality products by one of the leading authorities in audio tech.

Nevertheless, this particular piece of hardware is meant for producing pure natural sound that is not refined or changed in any way. It serves a very specific purpose that only those trained in the music production will be able to truly appreciate.