Logitech’s new $200 Craft keyboard is truly worthy of a ‘Crown’

Who would have known that the keyboard could be re-invented? Logitech recently did, with the introduction of its newest, most innovative keyboard that the company calls the Craft keyboard. While the keyboard offers a similar aesthetic styling, there is one feature that stands out and could potentially be useful for consumers, and more so, for content creators.

Logitech Craft

Logitech took its inspiration from Microsoft’s Dial hockey-puck peripheral that is used to add extra functionality to the application it is being accessed from. Logitech does this by adding a dial-knob on the top-right corner of the system. The knob already comes with a pre-installed key-map for popular applications. Logitech does not call the new addition a dial or a knob, but calls it the “crown”. Users will be able to tap it, push it and twist it to their hearts content, adding a different dimension to the way they want to change settings, toggle screens, switch applications, increase or decrease volumes, seeking and so many other infinite functions.

The crown is made of aluminium that melds with the rest of the keyboard’s design and finish and is quite sensitive. As of now, the in-built functionality of the crown is compatible with Photoshop and PowerPoint. There also global controls for the keyboard, that are compatible on general interfaces such as Windows and MacOS. The unique control that the crown gives is the customizability that allows users to make their own profiles. Logitech has included profiles for use on applications such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, Indesign CC, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Logitech is not stopping there as the company is soon going to release an SDK that will be available for developers to tinker around with. Now for the actual keyboard itself, the entire device is designed keeping comfort in mind, with the keys having convex surfaces for the user to comfortably place their fingers. Connection to the PC system is done via Bluetooth LE wireless. The keyboard is also intuitive, adjusting its back-lighting to match the user’s environment and ambience lighting. In terms of cost, the keyboard will cost $200 when it becomes available in October. The keyboard also comes with a fan-favorite feature – the Easy-Switch, that allows for users to control up to three different devices at a time by simply switching the connection with a tap. Logitech’s offering is a must-have for producers and content creators.