Logitech G413: A keyboard for all seasons and affordable too

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days. Not only is it reminiscent of simpler times, but the typing sound and general key travel are factors that a lot of power-users and gamers prefer. Logitech recently announced their newest mechanical keyboard, the G413 that is priced as well as the general array of market performance keyboards out there. But does it deliver?

At $90, Logitech is adding backlit keys, Romer-G switches; not the Cherry MX switches which are known to be more popular, but they these switches can be customized form the function keys onwards, thanks to an accompanying software from the company that makes it possible. The keyboard also supports a cable pass through for the USB cable to be connected to the computer. The pass-through port is also said to act as a replacement to the system’s flash drives and charging cables for phones.

The G413 is nothing like Logitech’s previous offerings. Although the keyboard is mechanical, the proprietary Romer-G switches purportedly have less travel and far quieter than the regular variety of mechanical keyboard switches. For those who like the clunky sound, they may want to reconsider. For the ones who are interested in a quieter sound, this is for them. The customizations with regard to the backlighting is not as pronounced, with only a very pale red colour that acts as the primary colour for the backlighting. It is not RGB hence there cannot be any complete customization solutions for the device such as zoning in keys or creating different profiles for games. There is a breathing effect, if it’s any consolation.

Logitech has been kind enough to offer a secondary set of key caps with a different texture for better feel and adaptability, which may find favour among a certain niche segment of users. And just because the travel distance in each press is made shorter, it means that the action is being sent faster to the computer than with normal keyboards, making Logitech’s offering, technically one of the fastest keyboards in the world.

The keyboards come in two colours, black and silver and each have black key caps, available in the same price. For regular usage and gaming, this keyboard will provide everything and more, except for some overly luxurious features, but does a good job of maintaining the aesthetic and the simplified minimalism so as to not draw away from the basic functioning of the keyboard. There is also no palm rest, but users who have already been used to not using one, will not find the difference.

Being made of durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, the keyboard packs quality with great resilience to boot!