LG’s new ThinQ smart speaker supports Google Assistant, to be announced at CES 2018

While there have been numerous Alexa-based smart speakers available in the market, the market for Google Assistant is still quite low, despite the significant competition that Google is capable of giving Amazon in the smart speaker segment. LG is here to correct that, with their own smart speaker that might possibly best even Google’s own Home smart speaker setup. While the smart speaker bandwagon has nearly reached full capacity up until now, LG will be shoving into an already crowded segment, but promises to offer something unique and helpful to its customers.

The new speaker from LG is called the LG ThiQ Speaker and promises superior audio quality than even Google’s own accessory, using near-lossless “premium-sounding” audio through Meridian technology – an endeavour by LG and Meridian, who have come together to make a great product for audiophiles. While we can estimate that this speaker can trump the Google Home, it might not be enough to overthrow Google Home Max’s dominion in the audio segment.

The device is said to show itself in all its glory during the 2018 CES event in January. The company has also personally worked with Google in the development of the speaker. This is not the company’s first attempt of a smart speaker as it has already made an Alexa-based speaker in 2016. LG has stated how committed it is to offering an open platform for accessories to make the capable of working on different kinds of voice software, from Alexa to Google Assistant and even their own home-grown ThinQ intelligent voice platform.

According to reports, the speaker can also be used to control and order LG’s various smart home appliances such as the LG air purifier, the thermostat, smart lamp and many others. LG has also partnered with Meridian in making more speaker-based products which include sound bars and portable speakers that range in size and features. There haven’t been any details in terms of pricing and availability just yet, but we can expect the company to reveal all when the official launch happens during CES, which starts January 9.

We will also be seeing all-in-one party machines from LG soon, for karaoke parties offering lighting effects as well. While LG is expanding its ThinQ product line of smart home appliances, the company’s affinity for different platforms suggests that LG wants its ThinQ range to be accessed by any eco-system, whether it comes from Amazon or Google. We will have to see the fruits of LG’s new partnership with Meridian once these devices are introduced to the public