The LG V30 in Raspberry Rose will be unveiled at CES

The LG V30 has had a rather mixed release so far, with so many raving about the phone’s logical design and music chops, while others did not appreciate the POLED panel on the display of the device. LG has released a newer version of the phone that will be released soon, to again try to gain some new buyers and redeem itself. But is it too late?

LG’s strategy of re-releasing the V30 includes adding a new colour to its existing palette – Raspberry Rose. LG is following in the footsteps of other manufacturers such as OnePlus and Apple, who have respectively released newer colours for their phones, to gain some more time in the market and stay relevant as the months go on. The Raspberry Rose colour from LG does look unique, but we are hard-pressed to feel overwhelmed into buying one just because of the colour change. Everything else in the phone is the same; from the stellar audio performance, the cameras, the large screen and the software. Having said that, putting a case on the phone will quickly make the new change seem non-relevant.

The new colour variant of the V30 will be shown off at this year’s CES conference. The phone will then start selling the colour variant in the company’s home country of South Korea and then head onto the Asian and European markets. And that’s not all that LG has under its sleeve. The company is also offering a price-cut in the US currently, offering the phone for as low as $675 and while it is still an expensive consideration for a last year flagship, it would be wise to wait for Samsung’s S9 and S9+ to come out before making any decisions. The retail offering is also only available on the Cloud Silver colour variant in the US. Other colours will still retail for their regular price.

LG’s idea for the colour is to ring in Valentine’s Day, with the colour emphasizing a “romance-inspiring colour”. While it may or may not be a good idea to invest in a V30 right now, those who will, may have to live with being a few months late to the party, as the timing is also just about right for LG to begin unveiling the wraps off their own flagship smartphone for 2018 – the G7.