Kado is the world’s thinnest charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge support

When it comes to portable chargers, nothing comes as portable as fitting it inside a wallet. With the Kado, smartphone users will now be able to do just that, as this is the slimmest smartphone charger ever developed.

The charger is thinner than the thinnest smartphone and does not take up as much space or weight on a wall socket. The biggest advantage of the Kado not only lies in its size and thickness, but also in its efficiency and performance. The charger is equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.1 technology which is pretty fast by itself, even though it is not the latest in charging technology. It will still do much better than most other bulky chargers. The charger is available for USB Type-C cables, micro-USB cables and the Apple-certified Lightning cable.

The Kado’s inception reportedly came as part of Kickstarter project which reached its goal of $25,000 in just 48 hours. There are still more than 20 days of crowdfunding to be done and the at the time of writing this, the campaign has amassed $69,000. In terms of pure dimensional specifications, the charger is just 5mm thick, which is two times thinner than a pencil. The cable that will come with the charger is also supposedly removable for extra convenience. For its size, the charger can pump 2.1 amps and five volts of power and can supply of 10.5 watts of power to the device it is charging. The charger is available for a pledge of $39 and will come in three color options –  white, black and rose-gold.

What makes the design and the portability of the charger so unique is the charger’s fold-in prongs that neatly tuck into the body of the charger. While most smartphone manufacturers have been busy making their phones thinner, they have not though of the most crucial accessory that needs to be optimized for better usage and convenience. The company behind this innovation is an Israel-based tech start-up. While the charger alone costs $39, for a pledge of $44, buyers will also receive a Phone clip. For a Dollar extra, they will be offered an extra cable. There are also discounts on large quantity Kado kits with a pack of two being sold at $75. The units will start shipping in December and once they eventually hit the shelves after, they will cost a lot more.