iPhone 8’s eventual launch to happen after iPhone 7s and 7s Plus hit shelves

The iPhone 8 will be soon upon us within the next few days, but it seems that while an Apple launch event will happen on September 12, it seems that the phone will only be available to consumers later on than first planned by Apple.

The device will most likely launch after the iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus hit shelves. While this has pushed the release date of the iPhone 8 to a later date, there is currently no confirmation as to when the phone will be officially announced. There were reports earlier published, claiming that the iPhone 8 may launch as late as November, but that was only until the official invite confirmed that there would be an event that would launch the iPhone 8 on September 12. Now, it seems like the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will first make an appearance before fans get to see the iPhone 8, putting the spotlight on those two variants, which could result in delayed sales for the iPhone 8.

According to The Telegraph, the iPhone 8 will be expected to launch on September 12 by Tim Cook in California. The invites for the event say that the event will be held at the new Apple Park headquarters. Whether or not the iPhone 8 arrives before or after the 7s and the 7s Plus, the anniversary edition of the iPhone will be made available for pre-order on September 15 and is for now, scheduled to arrive on September 22. Apple has been showing a brave face and rubbishing the rumors that are citing a delayed launch. While the device will be made ready, there is still some doubt as to whether the company will be able to keep up with the demand and compensate for the device’s manufacturing costs.

The iPhone 8 could be called something else to mark the device’s 10 years of existence. Some of the speculated names dropped for the iPhone 8 include “iPhone Edition”, “iPhone X” and even “iPhone Pro”, going by the iPad’s own naming formula, by adding the “Pro” suffix to the name. It will also be the first iPhone to not come with its own physical Home button and will feature the largest screen to body ratio yet seen on an Apple smartphone till date. There is speculation that the iPhone will be fitted with 3GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal storage. Whether or not this is the case, the new iPhone will still most likely makes its way to store shelves across the globe by this time next year.