HTC’s Viveport made available for Android VR developers

HTC on Monday released the Viveport M, a beta version of the Viveport VR content platform, for Android mobiles. The beta version was announced at a developers conference in China.

By bringing Viveport into mobile, HTC said it was looking to expand the user base and revenue opportunities for VR developers. In a press note, the smartphone maker noted that Viveport M will be compatible with most Android phones and will allow users to find high-quality mobile VR apps and 360d videos in both touchscreen and VR modes.

The developer beta version of Viveport M is currently available for download to registered Vive developers.

On Monday, HTC also announced the Viveport Arcade, a VR content management and sales platform for offline experience centers. The Arcade is targeted at avid VR users who haven’t yet bought a Vive for their home.

VR arcade operators will be able to access compelling VR content and also the new platform will allow both operators and developers share the revenue.

HTC said pilot programs were deployed in a number of locations, mostly at game centers and amusement parks.