HP Pavilion All-in-One PCs are here with big screens and Intel Optane memory

While many manufacturers out there are trying to push pixels and power into their computers, HP is more focused on creating well-rounded PCs that are not just for enthusiasts, but should be welcome as a family-centric PC with the all new Pavilion all in ones. Here’s why.

HP has been keeping families in mind when creating the new series of Pavilion PCs that is supposed to work well with small to medium loads of work. They have the latest Intel chipsets and decent enough power for HD viewing and light-gaming if need be. Since it is an all in one system, all of the hardware components are found at the back of the monitor. The screen size comes in 23.8-inch and 27-inch variants that can also be further configured to come with 1080p displays or 4K displays. There are also options provided to the buyers for whether they want ultra-thin bezels or whether they would like fabric-coated speakers attached courtesy of B&O. The screens also come with touch-input, making the series very flexible and user-friendly for any family.

Engadget’s report praises the design of the PC, calling it “pretty” and while the PCs are good looking, they are also powerful and functional. The PC comes with HP’s privacy cameras which open when in use and then tuck back in when not in use, assuring the user that their privacy is their own. This is something a lot of computer manufacturers can learn from. For those who would like to use Windows Hello for signing in, they have the option of adding infrared cameras for face recognition for the same.

The Pavilion all in one PCs come with up to Intel Core i7th generation processors or AMD A12 processors as options. Fort those who plan on doing some extra productivity or gaming, HP will also optionally include the Radeon 530 graphics card, which is good enough for light gaming at best.

Also, the Pavilion range will feature Intel’s Optane memory; 16GB of it. This will make the Pavilion one of the fastest AiOs to feature fast caching storage. While the PC will feature a regular 1TB SATA drive, with Optane memory, the speed will be almost as fast as an SSD’s. The computer does come with 12GB of RAM by itself, with Intel’s Optane memory compensating for lack of more memory. In total, there are three models of the Pavilion, with the highest-end featuring the 27-inch screen. The starting price of the range will come at $750, which is not bad for the kind of features that AiO will come with.