HMD Global to manufacture Nokia’s Android phones

Nokia has had its fair share of market turbulence over the past few years. The once giant phone manufacturer could not adapt to the emerging trends in the smartphone industry thereby losing to major competitors such as Apple and Samsung. The situation got from bad to worse that at some point, Nokia had to sell its business to Microsoft.

Nokia's new Android devices will be manufactured by Finnish firm HMD Global.

Nokia’s new Android devices will be manufactured by Finnish firm HMD Global.

Reports have confirmed that the once popular mobile phone brand is planning a major comeback into the industry with Nokia-branded android smartphones and tablets. This is going to happen during the last quarter of 2016.

A report published by Chinese news firm The Paper quoted Nokia’s China president confirming that Nokia will re-enter the smartphone market with three to four major brands expected to be launched during the fourth quarter of the year. The devices will comprise of smartphones and tablets although details about the actual composition are yet to be revealed.

The deal between Microsoft and Nokia restricted the latter from re-entering the market using its brand name until the last quarter of 2016. The latest developments are a clear indication that Nokia is keen on reclaiming its lost territory.

An important thing to note is that the new devices expected to be launched by Nokia will not be manufactured at the plants where Nokia was manufacturing its earlier devices but rather, the devices will be manufactured by Finnish firm HMD Global. Nokia had earlier entered into an agreement with HMD Global giving the latter exclusive rights to manufacture Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets over the next decade.

There were rumors earlier this year that Nokia-branded smartphones would soon be available in the market and would be manufactured by HMD Global. The rumors suggested that the smartphones would include 5.2 inch and 5.5 inch smartphones that would have features similar to those of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

In remains to be seen whether the Nokia brand will be well received in the market considering that giant smartphone manufactures such as Samsung and Apple have already made great strides in the industry.