Google’s ‘Shop the Look’ feature will benefit fashionistas

Google has just rolled out a new feature that’s exclusive for those who are looking for the greatest looks and fashion trends. It is called Shop the Look.

Shop the Look makes it easier for fashionistas to not just browse the search engine for their preferred styles and designer-wear, but even let Google hand-pick custom outfits for the user based on the search results, straight from Google Search.

Google will allow people to shop for the latest looks directly from the search page

Google will allow people to shop for the latest looks directly from the search page

This is just a new way of advertising on the platform. What the search engine does is pull results from online fashion retailers and portals and suggest the user with those options in the form of a sponsored result at the top of the page. So any and all clothing related searches a user makes will be made into an ad for e-commerce websites to take advantage of.

Previously, Google did have a way of showing sponsored content in the form of search ads that popped up in the first few results. This way, it’ll be a lot easier and interactive for people to browse through the readily available options on display – kind of like online window shopping.

Google has said the images will be sourced from fashion bloggers, retailers and brands that it is partnered with. The feature is still in the testing phases in the US for mobile.

The interface of these ads pop up into a new screen directly, making Google Search also now function as a sort of marketplace with options and listings. This isn’t particularly new, because the feature has been there for a long time. Google is just now adding new features and making it a more in-depth experience. Instead of redirecting one to the website, it’ll open up in Google.

And this won’t only work for just apparel, it could work for shopping for tech, accessories and any other sell-able items. It is not like Google needed a reason to augment its revenue, but it is definitely more helpful and user-friendly, so why not?