Google’s 2018 Pixel phones codenames revealed

The Google Pixel 2 devices have finally been released and Google have displayed some of the best software and AI we have witnessed on a smartphone. And now that the dust is about to settle with the hype, the company has already commenced development on the next generation of Pixel devices that are set for a release next year. Rumours have been doing the rounds regarding the number of phone that Google will release, as well as their rumoured codenames.

According to a report from Phone Arena, Google may be working on three new Pixel devices for 2018 and one of them could be a premium offering that will be different from the other two models. The three devices are currently following codenames based on fishes. As mentioned, the three codenames are “crosshatch”, “albacore”, as well as “blueline”. It seems highly likely that the third premium variant of the three Pixel phones will follow the same kind of hype and differences as the iPhone X formula did for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The sources for this piece of information seems reliable as the same sources did confirm multiple rumours of the current Pixel line. While the naming scheme is based on sea creatures, the phones will still retain the Pixel moniker. While this is the case, the codenames could be subject to change as was the case with the Pixel 2 phones. There were three codenames floating about for the 2017 Pixel phones as well, which was “Muskie”, “Walleye” and “Taimen”.

As mentioned in a report from Droid Life, Crosshatch was frequently mentioned in Google’s AOSP listing along with other codenames such as “Marlin” and “Sailfish”. Another word of interest that has piqued the minds of fans all over the internet, is “Wahoo”, which is another fish. While there are quite a few devices with different codenames, not all of them should be perceived for new Pixel phones, but rather other devices such as a new Pixel tablet or new Chromebook as well. But that would just be speculation at this juncture.

Android Authority mentions in its report that some of the mentioned codenames to devices could in fact be devices that were supposed to have launched in 2017 but will be seeing a launch in 2018 instead. Among the plethora of devices under Google’s belt so far, the only popular segment that Google seems to have left out is the smartwatch segment. While it would be exciting to see how Google would tackle the smartwatch space.

None of these speculations should be taken seriously of course, since there is no confirmation as to what the above-mentioned names have to do with the upcoming Pixel phones.