Google Maps update allows creation of shareable lists of locations

Google Maps just introduced a feature that should have been implemented a few years ago. The company released an update on Monday that allowed users to make and share a list of their favourite destinations and spots on the map, making it now easier than ever to find more recommended places to hang out and explore.

How does it work?

This feature is not just a small update. It does bring some added functionality to the core mechanics of the app and introduces a few new options. As far as lists are concerned, there are three types – ‘Favourites’,’Starred Places’ and ‘Want to Go’. As their names suggest, it is not hard to decipher what they all stand for, with the first two made for noting and highlighting spots on the map based on interest, while the third one is more of a wish-list of places that people would like to go to. Users will now be able to share these locations to friends and other contacts, as mentioned in Tech Crunch’s report.

Users will now be able to make these lists by pressing the “Save” option which appears at the details page of a location. Users also have the option of making their lists public or private.

What does this mean?

What this means is that Google Maps is now going to be a lot more sociable and interactive, in order to include more people to contribute to the community. Users will be able to follow others’ lists and keep track of any updates that pop up. It’s quite similar to Foursquare, but not as functional just yet. It’s apparent that Google wants Maps to be self-reliant and allow people to be more flexibly connected than just finding out directions to places without getting lost. This way, Google can team up with companies to promote their own lists.

Essentially, this could well make Maps into its very own social media platform and not just a navigation app anymore. It’s a small peek into a future of unlimited possibilities for the app, which has already served its prime purpose and evolved into the most used navigation app in the world.

Google will make this new feature on Maps only available to mobile platforms like Android and iOS, but the desktop update should also receive its due soon.