Google indirectly hints at Android Oreo naming for 8.0 update, set to launch on August 21

Android O is coming soon, and Google wants the internet to know. The company had recently released a small teaser of the new software platform that will be hitting the new Pixel 2 phones, along with numerous other Android devices in the coming months.

The countdown to Android O and its release is coinciding with the upcoming solar eclipse. This comes three weeks after the release of the Developer Preview 4 for Android O. There will be an event to commemorate the launch, along with the solar eclipse, with a live-stream event that will be scheduled to happen in New York City. As tradition abides, the new Android OS will be unveiled along with its very own statue to commemorate the launch, which will finally end the suspense as to what the new platform will officially be called. Oreo was one of the more popular choices.

Officially the name is confirmed to be Oreo after all, since the Google+ post left on the company’s own page had the image filename that included Google Oreo. Of course, Google itself would have noticed that the filename can be deciphered from the post and it could mean that Google could be playing mind games on its fans. But nevertheless, the prospects of having the next Android version called Oreo does seem promising. This little pre-teaser may not have been noticed by others who do not use Google+. Perhaps this will be a reason for anticipating fans to respect the social media platform once again, if not for its main features.

Tech Radar argues that Android Oatmeal should be the name of the next variant of Android as it would turn over a new leaf for the company by adopting a healthier name for the operating system. Previous iterations included sugary sweet snacks such as KitKat, Marshmallow, Lollipop and so on. Considering today’s world that is more focused on healthier living, now would probably be the right time for Android to adopt a new way of life.

Google will be officially announcing the name on August 21 and it seems highly unlikely that it will want to change its ways in its naming scheme and break away from the dessert-oriented flow that it has been going with all these years. Shortly after the name is announced, the official build of the software will be rolled out to Pixel devices and some Nexus phones as well.

Whatever the case, the new Android OS will set a new standard for the operating system, with better optimizations and improved productivity within applications.