Google expands Android Pay’s reach across US

Google has now added a total of 60 banks to Android Pay. This move is a small one in the grand scheme of things. The good news is that Google has incorporated these smaller banks which largely operate locally, in order to make Android Pay accessible to the entire citizenry of the US.

The list of the newly supported banks includes the Alabama Credit Union, Corydon State Bank, Generations Bank, Members Cooperative Credit Union, Twin-Star Co-operative Credit Union, Dieterich Bank and the Florida Parishes Bank.  This is, however, not the entire list but a few notable inclusions.

The mass integration of banks to the Android Pay list will now give more reasons for users to love the mobile wallet. As of now, Android Pay is only available via mobile as a medium to pay for goods and services at supported retailers. In addition to that Android Pay can be used to pay for mobile purchases online and in other Android apps.

Rumor is that Google is looking to expand Android Pay to desktops. The process will be similar to using Android Pay on your smartphone while checking out from an online site but from your desktop. It may take a while for this prophecy to come to its fulfillment, but it seems that Google has considered the idea and is chalking out a plan to implement the same.

Just like any other mobile wallet Android Pay enables you to link your debit and credit cards, making it easier for you to check out. In addition to a faster check out, Google gives incentive to it users, periodically.