Google Earth getting a facelift ahead of Earth Day

With Earth Day just around the corner, Google has decided to revamp its Google Earth app. On April 18, the search giant will reportedly be unveiling the new app.

Google has sent out invites for the event to be held at New York’s Whitney Museum of Art. Expect a slew of additions and changes to the popular online mapping program.

The invite in fact promises “a first look at the brand new experience”. It is likely that the new Google Earth will incorporate virtual reality features, may be some from the Google Earth VR that it introduced in November last year.

Earth VR, which first launched on the HTC Vive, allows users to explore global landmarks and cultural monuments via virtual reality technology. Sites like the Amazon River, Grand Canyon, and Manhattan skyline were among the few dozen locations that users could choose from.

The next generation Google Earth could see many of these features incorporated. There could be a major overhaul in the user interface as well. Google hasn’t confirmed anything officially about the features. We will find out soon enough if all of this is true.