Google Daydream is now open to developers for submitting their own apps

Google’s Daydream VR platform has promised great things to its user base. And now, Google is planning on widening the bridge between developers and the platform by making it possible for any developer to submit their ideas and projects for Daydream. Before only select developers were given the privilege to make content for the platform.

By doing so, there should be a lot of new and fresh content headed towards VR for those who have Google Daydream enabled phones. The thing about Daydream is that it is completely integrated with Nougat 7.1, making it completely compatible with the Play Store apps and allowing for users to get behind the VR experience faster. The content that is available so far comes pretty close to what we are used to seeing on other Virtual Reality machines. The only catch is that it was limited. But now, anyone can submit an app for it, provided it gets approved by Google Play Store, according to Digital Trends.

The validation process which these apps have to go through to be accepted by the Play Store is a lot more complex than with normal apps. VR apps have to have a certain frame-rate (which need to be a lot higher than normal apps) among other things. Google has made all the requirements needed in a list for developers to go through for when they set out developing one. 360-degree stereo photosphere, motion level indicator and other such features are shown mentioned in the list.

An important thing to note here is that the VR apps shouldn’t make the smartphone display thermal warnings after 30 minutes of usage – making it difficult for lower-end phones which might not be able to meet the stringent needs of the list.

According to Tech Crunch, Google had earlier joined hands with developers like Jaunt, Within, Lucid Sight and others to create apps and games for the platform. But now, it will be open to anyone. Why this could prove successful in the long run is that Google Play’s distribution platform is wider than any other store right now. Samsung’s Gear VR, although now a year old, will have hard time catching up with Google’s offerings now.

It will be interesting to see the kind of things that independent developers will now be able to make for Daydream. But given that Nougat’s distribution hasn’t quite reached all corners yet, it might take a while.