FitBit Charge 3 Launch Date Announced

Fitbit’s long awaited successor to the FitBit Charge 2 is now available for pre-order, with an anticipated shipping date of early October.  It has been nearly 2 years since the launch of the FitBit Charge 2 so consumers are understandably anxious to get their hands on the upgraded version.

Available Models and Pricing

According to Fitbit the Charge 3 will be their most advanced tracker ever and will include both a base model and a ‘Special Edition’ model.  The tracker will retail at $149.95 for the base model and $169.95 for the ‘Special Edition’. At these prices the Charge 3 actually comes in slightly cheaper than the Charge 2 retailed for during its launch back in September of 2016.

The ‘Special Edition’ will include 2 sets of wristbands and all of the same functionality as the base model plus the ability to make contactless payments using FitBit Pay.

Aesthetic Upgrades

The Charge 3 sports a new sleek design with a screen that is 40% larger and 1.5x brighter than its predecessor.  Another considerable upgrade is the new Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen with a slight curvature to the panel.  This provides the Charge 3 with more effective resistance to scratches and cracking.

Users will also notice that the heart rate monitor now sits flush with the bottom of the tracker allowing for a more secure and comfortable fit.  Add a redesigned bracelet and aerospace-grade aluminum body and this model comes in 20% lighter than the Charge 2.

A FitBit With True Touch Screen Capabilities

No buttons to press!  This means no more irritating tapping of the screen to cycle through menus and programs.  With a fully functional OLED touch screen display, consumers should find swiping and navigating the new Charge a much more enjoyable experience.

The physical button on the left-side of the face is also gone and has instead been replaced with an inductive pressure sensitive button which uses tactile vibration to let you know its working.  This inductive technology provides the Charge 3 with true water resistance up to 50M.  Now you can track your time in the pool, take it in the shower or even wear it in the ocean without the fear of damaging it.

Stay Fit Around The Clock

One of the most impressive features of the FitBit Charge 3 is its seven day battery life.  This is an upgrade of two full days from the five days offered by FitBits previous version the Charge 2.  With this extended battery life users will get more out of their daily and nightly tracking without having to dock it for charging.

Technological Features

This is where the Charge 3 starts to take on the personality of a true smart watch.  When paired with an Android users can now get notifications from calls, texts, and app alerts. They will also be afforded the ability to accept/reject calls and send quick replies to messages.

Setting fitness goals directly from the tracker without having to jump on to the app is another welcomed upgrade from previous versions. Some health and fitness features available on the Charge 3 are sleep stage tracking, hydration tracking, 24/7 heart monitoring, guided breathing and all day step and calorie count.  Females will even be able to monitor their health with the ability to track periods, record symptoms and see a predicted ovulation calendar.

Still Missing

Disappointingly there are a couple key features still missing from the Charge 3.  The first of these is a built in GPS.  This means any users looking to track their running route will still need to take their phone along with them. Another unfortunate absence from this model is wireless charging.  At this stage in the game you would assume that these features were a given. Perhaps they were left out to keep the price down for potential consumers while still making the FitBit Ionic available for those who want to pay a premium.

All in all the new FitBit Charge 3 appears to be a winner.  A better design, longer battery life, water resistance and upgraded capabilities at a lower launch price than the Charge 2.