Essential Phone is now $200 cheaper to be more appealing than the competition

The Essential phone initially promised to us, a smartphone that would be at the cutting edge of technology with a new kind of display that was supposed to accentuate the finer aspects of the Android experience. With Andy Rubin’s guidance, the device was expected to be a runaway success, much like the OnePlus One did in its time. As of now, it is clear that the Essential phone was too more hype than promise, according to recent reports.

Sales of the Essential phone have not been promising enough as other flagships have been gaining the attention of buyers all over the globe. And with the announcement of the new iPhones, the Note 8, the Galaxy S8 line and many others, the Essential phone was essentially buried in their shadow.

This has caused the company to make the phone a lot cheaper than when it first debuted, cutting the price all the way down to $499. The $200 price cut will be hoped by the company to ensure that sales for the phone start picking up, but considering the other prospects on the market that are more stablished than Essential’s, it seems highly unlikely.

The Verge believes that the final nail on the coffin for Essential was the arrival of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Essential is positive of its newest strategy as it preps for a “massive TV campaign” that is meant to capture our attention, also adding that the company wants to make it easier for buyers to access the product. Nevertheless, the Essential Phone is a good device and the company has lived up to expectations on the software and camera departments respectively. But compared to the competition, it still falls short on the performance front.

Tech Crunch mentions in its report that the phone’s new price tag is a steal, since buyers get good value for a phone with a bezel-less display that has one of the best colour-reproduction algorithms in place. Those who opt to buy the phone now, will be able to receive a $200 coupon that will allow them to either buy the 360-degree camera module or for buying a phone for someone they know. But the coupon will be given only to existing customers of the Essential Phone.

Essential still refuses to give up, and while the phone is not lacking in features or specifications, the new pricing of the phone makes it one of the best value propositions for buyers where the phone is available. This may not be the last of the Essential phone yet.