Epson’s new range of GPS ProSense smart watches will give the competition something to worry about

Epson is not normally associated with creating top of the line running watches and sportswear. The company entering the wearables market, drawing from its years of technical expertise in technical know-how to draw a brand-new range of GPS running watches called ProSense that are meant to provide exceptional precision, economy as well as impressive craftsmanship.

According to a report from Markets Insider, the new range of watches consists of five models. They are the result of 20 years’ worth of innovation in manufacturing GPS tech and heart rate sensors. What makes this endeavour even more special, is that it attracts Epson’s own expertise in precision technology as well as its parent group Seiko Epson which is known for its time-keeping legacy. The combination of both of these giants in manufacturing offers category-leading battery life, thanks to a GPS chipset built from the ground up by Epson engineers. The watches come with clever positioning algorithms, stride sensors and Bayesian learning. They also come with the company’s CardioSense HR tech, known for delivering on-board heart-sensing that is the most accurate and reliable means of tracking by the company ever. The new heart-rate sensor offers superior accuracy and control, with active noise-cancelling algorithms, coupled with a special trans-impedance amplifier that also enables reliable heart-rate sensing underwater as well.

The new watches will cost as low as $99 for the entry level ProSense 17, all the way up to $399 for the ProSense 367. All models offer GPS, activity tracking, notifications through a paired phone as well as on-board music controls to boot. The heart-sensing feature begins from the ProSense 57 with a price of $149. Above that model, the ProSense 307 ($249), ProSense 347 ($349) as well as the ProSense 367 all feature multisport tracking activities for swimming, biking and other activities as well.

The battery life is the truly stand out feature of the ProSense family, with the top tier offerings in the range offering over 20 hours of continuous GPS tracking. The ProSense 347 and the 367 can offer over 50 hours of battery life with satellite tracking activated as well, a testament to the innovation that Epson has been creating.

The watches go beyond short spurts of activities and other kinds of small-scale sports events. For those who are marathon runners or endurance experts, the watch will be a brand-new kind of device, the likes of which most athletes would not have across before, and are the kind of wearables that other brands do not make just yet. The entire line of ProSense watches is currently available over the company’s official website.